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5 Reasons Why Hospitality Brands Needs Video Marketing

5 Reasons Why Hospitality Brands Needs Video Marketing

Videos are the most powerful weapon in marketing. Among all types of content listed on a website, a normal user is most likely to watch a video than to read a blog post. Perhaps this rising trend has been the key factor in brands opting for suitable video marketing strategy than the rest. One of the key places where videos tend to be helpful in providing better sales is the hospitality sector. Sources say that hospitality brands that focus on marketing with video content generate high user engagements and better sales.

“87 % of online marketers use video content and 45% of people watch more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos a week ”.

Hospitality sector faces enormous competition. Hence, the need is to stand out from the competitors and to create a space of their own in the public. Digital marketing helps the brands to achieve the same and be a dominant player in the market. Through the execution of a well-planned social media strategy, brands can improve their brand reach and earn the public trust. To execute this strategy the primary need is to have a content that can draw the public attention.It is said that people will remember only 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see & 70% of what they hear and see. Henceforth, eye-catching video content is one of the best ways to create brand awareness and to persuade people in the global market.


If you analyse the usage pattern of social media users, they normally don’t spend time reading an entire article or blog post if it isn’t interesting. But their usage pattern suggests that they have a tendency to click on videos first and if it’s entertaining they are most likely to book the hotel or check for more details.

Social Media Reach

Hospitality brands who are looking for improving their brand reach should use the video marketing strategy as it can help them in generating organic reach as well as improved sales. If the video content posted in the social media handles are interesting then they are very likely to be shared. 76% of users in social media are most likely to share a video if it’s interesting. Thus, a video that beautifully presents the hotel amenities, hotel offers will definitely grab the public attention.

Return on Investment

Yes, developing video marketing content will cost you more than coming up with any other content. But do you know the fact that video content gives the best return on investment? Videos are evergreen content and with people being active on both Facebook and YouTube, more and more people will watch your video and the response rate will only improve. Most of the hospitality brands that chose creative videos have been successful in boosting their brand value and get high leads.

Type of Video Content

A namesake video content will never help you. Whether it be a video showcasing the hotel amenities or hotel surroundings, it should definitely be visually appealing and good enough to go straight into the heart of the viewers. A creative video regarding the offers or a video during the festive season will double the sales and also earn the public trust.

Brands that chose to implement video marketing strategy should spend the time to understand the audience, trends in the market and the video should aid the trends and should not look outdated. Videos with a theme or script have 2x chance to go viral as compared the videos that just showcases the hotel surroundings.

Video for Hotel Bookings

Studies show that people who travel a lot are more likely to do a research on the hotel photos, videos, reviews, ratings etc. They are always anxious to know the hotel amenities and look for photo and video content. As videos reveal a great idea about the property, travellers tend to watch videos first. Based on the facts on videos in 2017, 67% of people booked a hotel after watching the video on the booking site (source).

Hotels that market through video content can easily build a trust as the content will have more user engagements and organic reach through the social media shares. Creative videos that portray the property in a whole new level tend to be more informative and can help in developing a better bonding with the customers.

Our digital marketing experience and market study have helped us to make our clients the dominant players in the market. Understanding the fact that videos are here to stay for years and years, we are now helping our clients to get better leads through viral video content. With experienced video makers and concept specialists on board, we promise to boost your sales through a very dynamic and creative video marketing strategy. Need to know more the concepts that can help your hospitality brand? Let’s talk.

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