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Digital Marketing ideas for Hotels

Digital Marketing ideas for Hotels

Digital Marketing ideas for Hotels

Teezonic digital makers have assembled Digital Marketing ideas for Hotels.

The article presented below is written based on our years of experience performing internet marketing for our hospitality clients. It is the best list of practical ideas that can be implemented right away.

1) Video Marketing

Video is very quickly becoming on of the strongest digital marketing medium for content sharing.

Also Video content allows you to promote a content in a more attractive and interactive manner. 

If the video content posted in the social media are interesting then it is very much likely to be shared across.

Therefore by creating interesting and eyeball grabbing video content showing the main features of the hotel can generate more and more visitors to the hotel.

2) Social Media Check ins and Reviews

Ask your customers for a social media review and make sure that they mark themselves checked in in Facebook.

When you visit a hotel you have the option to check-in to that location, and when you do, your friends can see where you are and can also comment on your check-ins.

Basically, when someone checks into a location they are telling their friends on social media where they are currently, and that they are enjoying the service of that hotel.

This Facebook feature is a simple and great way to boost the exposure for your hotel .

3) Influencer Marketing

Influencers are not necessarily celebrities. An influencer could be anyone – a blogger, association leader, etc who has the power to influence the thinking of your audience via their content platforms.

A common misconception about influencer marketing when it comes to digital marketing for hotels is that it has to look a certain way.

For instance, an influencer taking a photo holding your product with a generic caption about how much they love your brand.

In 2018, your influencer marketing campaigns should look a lot less like generic ads and much more like content marketing.

The marketing strategy used by Teezonic Digital Makers for Le Meridien Kochi to market the event “Taste of Kerala” was to invite social media influencers like Vloggers to the event and create vlogs about the event.


4) TripAdvisor Reviews

A hotel needs a lots of quality, online reviews if you want your hotel to perform well. That’s because most customers rely on online reviews and sites like TripAdvisor to decide which hotels to book.

That’s one of the reasons why you should encourage lots of reviews as a part of your hotel social media strategy.

5) Promote events happening in the hotel 

Is it a holiday or special event in the hotel? Get people excited by sharing event information.

Once something is posted on Facebook, the news can spread before you know it.

A ‘like’ here, a ‘share’ there, or one update from someone about attending the event and soon a single attendee’s Facebook friends will all know about the event.

Better yet, if the content (videos, photos, or articles) that is posted on the Facebook event page is engaging enough, attendees will also share the event content on their own timeline.

Create a hashtag to go along with Facebook event page and you could see it pop up elsewhere online in no time at all.

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