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Global Translation Day – Live

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Global Translation Day – Live

10:00 AM

The event is about to start after being late for about half an hour. Stay tuned as lots of learning is gonna come down the lane.

10.10 AM: Introduction By Jagdeep.

Introduction speech by KC Jagdeep. He slowly slipped into Malayalam as he explained how important it is for an employee or any student to have GitHub, LinkedIn, and StackOverflow profile and contribute to it.

Later, he went on to explain a bit about Global Translation Day. He also explained why we are here.

  • To learn how to contribute to community
  • To contribute to WordPress Malayalam Community
  • To meet WordPress experts

In fact, this is the only Translation day meetup happening in South India.

10:20: Logo Unveiling: Manoj Karingamadthil

Introducing himself as a part of Swathandra Malayalam Computing, he went on the explanation about the history of Malayalam in the web.

He also unveiled the logo of WordPress Kerala. Gave some pretty cool Stickers too.

10:45 – An Introduction To WordPress & Translation by Bigual Malayi.

Bigul Malayi is a QA Analyst from Kozhikode. Started his career as a database operator. He has been a huge open source supporter since then. And a huge WordPress evangelist since 2009.

He described the birth and evolution of WP. The first version was WordPress 0.7 and the major version, 1.0 was on January 3, 2003. Latest at 4.5 – Coleman. Check out WordPress showcase & WordPress Counter to see the numbers on WP.

Why is WordPress popular?

  • Free
  • Open Source
  • Easy to Use
  • Well-Documented
  • Easy to Expand
  • Are indexed on google.
  • It has a huge community
  • Thousands of ready-made plugins and themes.

Introduction to WordPress Translation.

One word, GlotPress. He explained each and every feature of GlotPress. He explained how to get the GlotPress to work and also about its future. Core functions on WordPress were later elaborated and also how to create language files like POT file, PO file, MO file.

11.30 AM: Tea Time.

11.45 AM: A bit about GNU and Open Source: Jagadeesh

Jagadeesh is an open source enthusiast. He talked a bit about GNU and his experiences in contribution to open source and Malayalam translation.

12:00 AM: Translation Work Shop.

Update (4/27/2016): Teezonic Digital Makers has the biggest contribution to WordPress Malayalam with 169 strings so far. 

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